Donald Shoup: Free Parking Isn’t Free

Lynne Kiesling On Saturday morning NPR had an interview with UCLA urban planning professor Donald Shoup. His new book, The High Cost of Free Parking, sounds like it’s a worthy read. He makes arguments along the lines that nothing is free (where have we heard that before?), and that the cost of providing for free … More Donald Shoup: Free Parking Isn’t FreeMore Donald Shoup: Free Parking Isn’t Free

Jefferson’s Cartesian Rationality

Lynne Kiesling Will Wilkinson has all sorts of good stuff going on right now, including an interesting post about free will and determinism. But I, like Tyler Cowen, will pick up on his mention of his increasing dislike of Thomas Jefferson. I can totally sympathize with this. When I was in 5th grade or so … More Jefferson’s Cartesian RationalityMore Jefferson’s Cartesian Rationality

More On Petroleum Consolidation

Lynne Kiesling Last week the Capital Spectator had a good post about oil, in particular prices and the Valero/Premcor merger. Note that since his post oil futures have fallen to around $50/barrel from $54-55 earlier in the week; that’s a large drop. Most of the price decrease probably arises from geopolitical discussions and has nothing … More More On Petroleum ConsolidationMore More On Petroleum Consolidation