Liverpool’s Champion’s Cup Win

Lynne Kiesling

So we stayed up late Thursday night to watch the replay of the Liverpool-AC Milan UEFA Champion’s Cup match, which we had not seen on Wednesday as we were both working. What a hum-dinger of a game! Definitely the best comeback story I’ve seen in a long time. I stayed up through the 2 overtimes, but I was too tired to stay up for the winning PK (and I have to say, PKs are boring, so I preferred sleep).

The second half was great, particularly after Liverpool tied it up. From then on it was a soccer lover’s soccer match, with most of the strategy and action being midfield play. As an old midfielder myself, I have to say that’s my favorite kind; it’s not sexy or glamorous, but it’s intelligent and strategic, and you can really see the core strength of the teams. That said, Liverpool’s defense in the 2nd half was really impressive, especially Stephen Gerrard.

I don’t consider Liverpool “my team” the way Courtney does, being a Manchester City fan myself. But I do cheer for British teams in international matches, unless it’s World Cup and they’re playing the US. So I was happy with the outcome. And I really like this essay from the London Times correspondent Alyson Rudd. She’s got a great quote to which I can relate:

I had dreamt a lot about the European Cup final. The usual stuff. Liverpool losing. Me playing in it. Having to leave before the end because I had a hair appointment. All very silly but not as utterly ludicrous as the truth.

Too true, especially the hair appointment bit. Plus, I have to say, I am happy to see that there are other women out there blathering about this too, not just the usual “Fever Pitch” guy crowd.

Didn’t hurt that Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso is easy on the eyes, either …