Spring in the KP Garden

Lynne Kiesling Today is chock full of interesting stuff in the day jobs, so I leave you all heading in to the weekend with this lovely shot from the KP garden: I planted three peony bushes last summer, and they are just bloomin’ gorgeous now! Finally. I feel like I’ve been waiting for them to … More Spring in the KP GardenMore Spring in the KP Garden

Futurepundit On Trust

Lynne Kiesling Randall Parker has one of his typically lucid and informative posts on the oxytocin and trust research to which I pointed yesterday. Note also that his focus, and the focus of his commenters, is unlike mine in that it’s much more on how to use this research to come up with new drugs, … More Futurepundit On TrustMore Futurepundit On Trust