Tagged As A Bibliophile

Lynne Kiesling John Moser has tagged me with the bibliophile meme (and he did so on a good day, as I am feeling contemplative): 1. How many books do I own? I estimate 1000, split between home and work pretty evenly and not counting the 500 or so additional books contributed by the KP Spouse. … More Tagged As A BibliophileMore Tagged As A Bibliophile

Women’s Euro 2005 Football

Lynne Kiesling So last night I ended up at the main BBC page, and the lead story and picture was of the England women’s soccer team. Right now the Euro 2005 Women’s Championship is going on, with England v. Denmark today (go England!). This is another great reason to love the Internet. I had no … More Women’s Euro 2005 FootballMore Women’s Euro 2005 Football

Google Frank Lloyd Wright

Lynne Kiesling Today’s Google logo is a cool montage of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. Check it out. … More Google Frank Lloyd Wright

Articulating The Benefits Of Competition

Lynne Kiesling One of the focal discussion topics at the Center for Advancement of Energy Markets convention was how to articulate the benefits of competition. Competition has been absent from the electricity industry since 1907, when the first states established public utility commissions and began granting monopolies to utilities in retorn for their obligation to … More Articulating The Benefits Of CompetitionMore Articulating The Benefits Of Competition