Economics Of Kelo At Volokh

Lynne Kiesling Todd Zywicki’s post on the economics of Kelo is the most thorough analysis I’ve seen of the economics of eminent domain, holdout problems, and how that gets translated into a “public use”. Well worth a read. And if I owned an autographed photograph of Franco Harris’s Immaculate Reception, you couldn’t pry it out … More Economics Of Kelo At VolokhMore Economics Of Kelo At Volokh

Property Rights Are Human Rights. And Vice Versa

Lynne Kiesling Jacob Sullum’s Reason column about the New York Times’ support of the Kelo decision is incisive (and well titled!). My favorite part: The nonchalance of the Times regarding eminent domain abuse is of a piece with its derogation of property rights, which it sees as inferior to so-called human rights. (Try to imagine … More Property Rights Are Human Rights. And Vice VersaMore Property Rights Are Human Rights. And Vice Versa

Welcome Liberty Belles!

Lynne Kiesling New, fresh voices rock, especially when they are saying good things in compelling and interesting ways. Such is the case with Liberty Belles, five classical liberal women with sharp wits and intellects. One post to illustrate the eloquence, from Clara on gay marriage: I favor allowing people to draw up these contracts, but … More Welcome Liberty Belles!More Welcome Liberty Belles!