Off To Bryn Mawr

Lynne Kiesling The KP Spouse just very kindly dropped me at the airport to go to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, to teach at the Foundations of Liberty workshop sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies. I love doing this. More news as it happens. In thinking about the upcoming week I am reminded of this excellent … More Off To Bryn MawrMore Off To Bryn Mawr

New York’s New Wine Shipment Rule

Lynne Kiesling One good piece of fallout from the May 16 Supreme Court decision on interstate wine shipment is New York’s new rule allowing wineries to ship to out of state customers. Happily, this law consequently allows New York customers to receive wine shipments from other states. Sadly, the news is not so sanguine in … More New York’s New Wine Shipment RuleMore New York’s New Wine Shipment Rule