Eu Rejects Us-style Software Patents

Lynne Kiesling The European Parliament has rejected the software patent directive that would have instituted US-style patents on software. See, for example, this UK Register article and this MSN Money article. Hat tip: SlashDot. From the MSN article: The so-called software patent directive, rejected by a 648-14 vote with 18 abstentions, would have given companies … More Eu Rejects Us-style Software PatentsMore Eu Rejects Us-style Software Patents

Online Tour De France Coverage

Lynne Kiesling I’ve been following the Tour with two different sites: Daily Peleton for good graphics and well-written post-stage commentary, and Cycling News for five-minute updates during the stages. The combination has done a pretty good job of creating the sense of energy and excitement of the Tour, even without seeing it. I was also … More Online Tour De France CoverageMore Online Tour De France Coverage