New Environmental Economics Blog

Lynne Kiesling I am enjoying the relatively new Environmental Economics blog. It will be particularly useful in my Environmental Economics course in the fall, especially this post on cost-benefit analysis. It starts with a point that I always go out of my way to demonstrate graphically and mathematically: because of the existence of tradeoffs/opportunity costs, … More New Environmental Economics BlogMore New Environmental Economics Blog

Bill Gross And Solar Power

Lynne Kiesling This Wired magazine article from July discusses Idealab/Internet impresario Bill Gross’s foray into rooftop solar power innovation. The article does a nice job of discussing the cost disadvantages of solar, some of the infrastructure cost savings from on-site solar that mitigate some of those cost disadvantages, government subsidies, etc. … More Bill Gross And Solar Power

More On Property Rights As Human Rights

Lynne Kiesling …this time from Ron Bailey at Reason. He’s discussing a Friends of the Earth report arguing that natural resources are an important part of the story in eradicating poverty in developing countries. All too predictably, a good bit of the report consists of a tiresome standard-issue anti-globalization screed against “neoliberal” economic policies and … More More On Property Rights As Human RightsMore More On Property Rights As Human Rights