Nhl Broadcast Deal: Oln?

Lynne Kiesling There’s a rumor circulating that Comcast and the National Hockey League are on the verge of a broadcast agreement. The purported deal would involve two games per week on OLN. It’s not clear what other games would be allowed to be televised, although there is another outstanding agreement with NBC for some games … More Nhl Broadcast Deal: Oln?More Nhl Broadcast Deal: Oln?

“Le Parfait Est L’ennemi Du Bien” In Technology Choice

Lynne Kiesling Last week Rob at Peak Oil Optimist commented on an environmental group’s position on the construction of an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant in the Pacific Northwest. They contend that the technology is just not needed because of other available means of renewable power and demand reduction. Rob correctly and nicely … More “Le Parfait Est L’ennemi Du Bien” In Technology ChoiceMore “Le Parfait Est L’ennemi Du Bien” In Technology Choice

Winds Of Change New Energy Currents For August

Lynne Kiesling It came out while I was at a conference and distracted, but here’s this month’s New Energy Currents from John Atkinson at Winds of Change. If you are interested in energy technology and policy, this is a must read. And thanks to John for the links here! … More Winds Of Change New Energy Currents For August

What Is A Commodity, Exactly?

Lynne Kiesling This item has been sitting open on my desktop for a few days … I enjoy reading Jonathan Schwartz’s blog, and he recently had a post in which he discussed what it means to be a commodity. See also his post from July 2004 on commodification that he links therein. Andrew Morton (of … More What Is A Commodity, Exactly?More What Is A Commodity, Exactly?

Branding And Specialization

Lynne Kiesling While we’re in a Smithian place here at KP, Grant McCracken’s post on the paucity of strong Canadian brands is comment-provoking. Grant poses Wealth of Nations as a theme (and indeed as the title of the post), so I will throw out some Smithian ideas. Specialization. If you have a neighbor who is … More Branding And SpecializationMore Branding And Specialization