Eric Mcerlain On The NHL/OLN Deal

Lynne Kiesling So it looks like my speculation from Sunday was correct, and ESPN will not practice entry deterrence. Eric McErlain has the goods on the just-inked NHL-OLN deal. Looks promising, particularly that “NHL Network” to be named later part. … More Eric Mcerlain On The NHL/OLN Deal

Methane Capture In Bangladesh

Lynne Kiesling Check out this Wired article about methane capture from a trash dump in Bangaledesh. Methane capture technology can serve three objectives here: generating power, improving the utilization of the dump, and creating fertilizer that can enrich the thin soil in the area. When it gets going, this system can produce enough electricity to … More Methane Capture In BangladeshMore Methane Capture In Bangladesh

Chinese Demand For Oil

Lynne Kiesling James Hamilton’s recent discussion of Chinese oil demand mentions the government actions to subsidize oil consumption to fuel economic growth (yikes, what a far-flung distortion!). A WSJ article (subscription required) from Wednesday describes the consequences of China’s refined fuel subsidies: shortages and queues. Drivers in southern China have been queuing for as long … More Chinese Demand For OilMore Chinese Demand For Oil

Econometrics In Advertising

Lynne Kiesling There was an interesting little blurb in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal on the increasing use of econometrics in advertising (subscription required). Econometrics uses statistical analysis to measure the relationship between different sets of events, such as the effect of educational qualifications on wage levels. To determine an advertisement’s effectiveness, econometricians write an equation … More Econometrics In AdvertisingMore Econometrics In Advertising