“Price Gouging” is a Non-concept

Lynne Kiesling Mr. Coyote has a post from last week (complete with good links) on that mythical economic concept: price gouging. There are two ways this can play out: 1) a short term spike in prices, as much as a dollar or more a gallon or 2) long and irritating gas lines. Lets hope that … More “Price Gouging” is a Non-concept

Prices As Information Transmitters

Lynne Kiesling Last week on vacation we stayed in a paddle-in cabin 20 miles northeast of Ely, Minnesota. No phone, no television, no computer, hence no information on the horrific consequences of hurricane Katrina. We ventured into town twice for dinner, once on Monday (when we saw a newspaper and saw the looming threat) and … More Prices As Information TransmittersMore Prices As Information Transmitters

Back from Up North

Lynne Kiesling This was the view from our cabin “up north” in the Boundary Waters: We saw lots of loons, otters, beavers, bald eagles, mergansers, etc. We did not see moose, much to our consternation. And we saw canoeists; we four were pretty much the only kayakers in our area. The landscape was beautiful, and … More Back from Up NorthMore Back from Up North