This … Or This?

Lynne Kiesling While I’m digressing, let me ask y’all a style question: are the all caps titles OK, or jarring? Should we switch to Title Case? all lower case (I’m not serious about that one)? I’ve noticed that when I see the all caps titles in RSS feeds they stand out, and I’m not sure … More This … Or This?More This … Or This?

E.e. Cummings

Lynne Kiesling That is how much I like him, that I am willing to break from KP title protocol … I’m putting the whimsically allegorical poem that Kurt Elling read on Wednesday after the cut, if you are interested. Here’s the first stanza as a teaser: here is little Effie’s head whose brains are made … More E.e. CummingsMore E.e. Cummings

What a Crazy Week: Franz, Kurt, Etc.

Lynne Kiesling It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been this tired on a Friday afternoon. First week of classes, working on a project with a short timeframe, not enough exercise, and two fun back-to-back music events. The later one, Wednesday, was our standing visit to the Green Mill to hear The Kurt Elling … More What a Crazy Week: Franz, Kurt, Etc.More What a Crazy Week: Franz, Kurt, Etc.