Change of Case

Lynne Kiesling As you’ve by now inferred, we’ve made the exec-you-tee-vo decision to change to Title Case on titles at KP. Many thanks for the input I got from several of you, public and otherwise. I think what swung the decision was the ability to reserve all caps for times when we want the emphasis, … More Change of CaseMore Change of Case

Price Wars: Attorneys General Strike Back

Michael Giberson Rainbough Phillips amusingly tags price gouging as “the Phantom Menace” in a post on Catallarchy. She also provides a neat insider’s look at the supply and demand for emergency supplies, viewed from the returns counter at an Austin-area big box hardware store. Meanwhile, back in Houston, authorities are urging the city’s gasoline station … More Price Wars: Attorneys General Strike BackMore Price Wars: Attorneys General Strike Back

Name That Tune!

Lynne Kiesling In his last column in Technology Review in December 2004, Michael Schrage talked about the importance of the diffusion of innovation. He made a lot of very trenchant observations, including The challenge for policymakers and populations alike is how to cope with the pervasive-and perverse-consequences of ever more people gaining access to ever … More Name That Tune!More Name That Tune!