Econobrowser on Refining

Lynne Kiesling James Hamilton’s got a really nice discussion of a new House energy bill. His discussion highlights some aspects of the business of oil refining that I didn’t go into in my recent WSJ Econoblog, the most important of which being that petroleum refining just isn’t that profitable, on average. This House bill is … More Econobrowser on RefiningMore Econobrowser on Refining

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Lynne Kiesling Yes, it does sound like it’s in environmental economics. From the Sun-Times: Two Americans and a French scientist won the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for developing a chemical “dance” that makes molecules swap atoms, a process now used to create medicines, plastics and other products with more efficiency and less environmental hazard. … More Nobel Prize in ChemistryMore Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Private Sector Development Blog

Lynne Kiesling Thanks to Brian Micklethwait at the Adam Smith Institute for introducing me to the Private Sector Development Blog at the World Bank. Lots of great market-based development commentary. … More Private Sector Development Blog