Wine Shipping Costs: A Benefit-Cost Analysis

Lynne Kiesling Dr. Vino has post on wine shipping costs, and various aspects of them. Shipping costs can be high; after all, glass bottles of liquids are heavy. That said, I think that the cult winery that is charging him $68 to ship a case of wine from California to New York could be gilding … More Wine Shipping Costs: A Benefit-Cost AnalysisMore Wine Shipping Costs: A Benefit-Cost Analysis

Schelling and Aumann

Lynne Kiesling Congratulations to Thomas Schelling and Robert Aumann on receiving this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics! I have profited from the work of both, and think this is a great award. Tyler Cowen has informative posts on both Schelling and Aumann. Honestly, I was exposed to Aumann through my classes in graduate school, but … More Schelling and AumannMore Schelling and Aumann