Wired Articles on Power Technology

Lynne Kiesling Wired has some interesting, short articles right now on power technologies: wireless power transmission by converting electricity to lasers or microwaves and then re-converting them to electricity, broadband over power lines (BPL) deployment, and the effect of wind farms on wildlife, particularly birds in the Altamont Pass in California. Here’s one question I … More Wired Articles on Power TechnologyMore Wired Articles on Power Technology


Lynne Kiesling Sorry for the radio silence on this end. Piles and piles of work, has felt like a virtual hamster wheel. Sadly, my exercise routine has suffered too, so I’m behind in writing here and I’m out of shape. This, too, shall pass. … More Apology

Biometric Transactions Arrive in Chicago

Lynne Kiesling According to Chicagoist, Cub Foods stores in Chicago will start using a biometric payment system in November. The Pay By Touch system will enable shoppers to debit their checking accounts through a device that scans your finger, and uses its unique measurements as identification. The comments on the post are interesting, including melodramatic … More Biometric Transactions Arrive in ChicagoMore Biometric Transactions Arrive in Chicago