Quantum Dots Accidentally Replace Incandescent Lighting?

Lynne Kiesling Last week Randall Parker had a neat post on LED lighting advances, and how much energy savings we could create by switching from incandescent to LED. The article he cites suggests that the switch would also save us $125 million/year in electricity costs. Randall wonders if that number is low, but I don’t … More Quantum Dots Accidentally Replace Incandescent Lighting?More Quantum Dots Accidentally Replace Incandescent Lighting?

Juries, Eminent Domain, and Public Choice

Lynne Kiesling Todd Zywicki has an interesting post over at Volokh about post-Kelo juries. His argument is good: public choice theory is consistent with the political failure to protect private property rights in the Kelo decision, all the way up to the Supreme Court. In the face of these political dynamics, juries change their decisions, … More Juries, Eminent Domain, and Public ChoiceMore Juries, Eminent Domain, and Public Choice

Marketing and Selling Hybrid Vehicles

Lynne Kiesling U.S. auto manufacturers, sit up and pay attention: the long-run effect of these high gasoline prices may be a change in the preferences of customers. What brought this home to me this morning was this post from Glenn Reynolds about car shopping with his wife. They compared a Toyota Highlander hybrid and a … More Marketing and Selling Hybrid VehiclesMore Marketing and Selling Hybrid Vehicles