The Democratization of Fashion

Lynne Kiesling Manolo’s recent post about fashion and new media is a superb read, and not just for those of us who care about fashion: Or if you wish to see the same principle at the work in the matter of the housewares look at this, The George Foreman/Michael Graves Grilling Machine. We now wish … More The Democratization of FashionMore The Democratization of Fashion

Demand Response Progress and Challenges

Lynne Kiesling Still here … but have been utterly crushed with work. It is only courtesy of a flight delay at O’Hare that I am writing now. I am headed to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to give a talk at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research annual conference. My presentation focuses on demand response … More Demand Response Progress and ChallengesMore Demand Response Progress and Challenges