Social Snowflakes

Lynne Kiesling Steve Horwitz’s musings on complexity and snowflakes is a great read that raises an important question: why are so many of us willing to accept and appreciate emergent order processes when they occur in non-human nature? Why do some think differently about snowflakes in the air and eggnog in the store? People who … More Social SnowflakesMore Social Snowflakes

Should We Be Bugged About Not Drilling in Anwr?

Lynne Kiesling So the attempt to attach provisions to drill for oil in ANWR to a defense bill has failed. Should we be bugged about this? I think it depends on which forecasts you believe. Here’s what I mean: over the past five years I’ve had several different group research projects in which students perform … More Should We Be Bugged About Not Drilling in Anwr?More Should We Be Bugged About Not Drilling in Anwr?

David Friedman’s “Ideas”

Lynne Kiesling In addition to his very useful website, David Friedman now has a blog, Ideas. Expect thought provoking questions and ideas. I can’t remember whom to thank for the link, because I followed it in an insomnia-induced frenzy the other day. But thank you. … More David Friedman’s “Ideas”

Cough Syrup As a Controlled Substance

Lynne Kiesling Over at the Adam Smith Institute, Megan Rudebeck speaks truth about the cough syrup restrictions that are now all the rage in the US. She comments on a proposed piece of legislation that would create a national cough syrup registry: The only thing this legislation will do is create a nuisance for consumers … More Cough Syrup As a Controlled SubstanceMore Cough Syrup As a Controlled Substance

Don’t Eat Those Cookies!

Lynne Kiesling Virginia Postrel has a post and a follow-up on one lawyer’s almost single-handed crusade to rid the world of the dreaded dragée. You know, those little metallic balls that decorate holiday sweets? My favorite quote from Mark Pollock, the crusading lawyer in question (from the LA Times story in Virginia’s post): They’re making … More Don’t Eat Those Cookies!More Don’t Eat Those Cookies!

Taking Advantage of the Fair Trade Buzz

Michael Giberson Some consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a product, if they think they are supporting a good cause. It may be possible to get quality cookies at a lower price from the supermarket itself than from the Girl Scouts parked outside in the springtime, but since it is for a … More Taking Advantage of the Fair Trade Buzz

A Little Kp Hiatus

Lynne Kiesling Today the KP Spouse and I leave on a week’s holiday to Maui, so the infrequent posting of the past few weeks will be even more infrequent for the next week. Upon my return I intend to update the site list with these recommended reads: Austrian Economists, Unenumerated, and the Becker-Posner blog. We … More A Little Kp HiatusMore A Little Kp Hiatus

Does Cheap Fashion Undercut Designers?

Lynne Kiesling Last Friday, the day now known as “Black Friday” because so many retailers hit their profit margin in the run-up to Christmas shopping, I did not go shopping. Nor did I write. But plenty of others did. Almost Girl (another Chicagoan, yay!) organized Black Friday blogging, with participants including Virginia Postrel and the … More Does Cheap Fashion Undercut Designers?More Does Cheap Fashion Undercut Designers?

Opinion Journal: Laffer and Giordano Miss The Point

Lynne Kiesling Today’s Opinion Journal has a commentary by Art Laffer and Patrick Giordano on proposed wholesale power procurement auctions in Illinois. They claim that the uniform price reverse auction (in which the price falls until Q supplied=Q demanded, and all suppliers still in the market receive the market-clearing price) is a ComEd setup that’s … More Opinion Journal: Laffer and Giordano Miss The PointMore Opinion Journal: Laffer and Giordano Miss The Point

Worstall on Energy

Lynne Kiesling Tim Worstall does some dynamic thinking about energy consumption and the price system. If you want energy efficiency in the face of high natural gas prices this winter, here’s my suggestion: install new windows. In September we got double-paned, UV-coated, argon-gas-filled windows on the front and side of our house (north and west … More Worstall on EnergyMore Worstall on Energy