Should We Be Bugged About Not Drilling in Anwr?

Lynne Kiesling So the attempt to attach provisions to drill for oil in ANWR to a defense bill has failed. Should we be bugged about this? I think it depends on which forecasts you believe. Here’s what I mean: over the past five years I’ve had several different group research projects in which students perform … More Should We Be Bugged About Not Drilling in Anwr?More Should We Be Bugged About Not Drilling in Anwr?

David Friedman’s “Ideas”

Lynne Kiesling In addition to his very useful website, David Friedman now has a blog, Ideas. Expect thought provoking questions and ideas. I can’t remember whom to thank for the link, because I followed it in an insomnia-induced frenzy the other day. But thank you. … More David Friedman’s “Ideas”

Cough Syrup As a Controlled Substance

Lynne Kiesling Over at the Adam Smith Institute, Megan Rudebeck speaks truth about the cough syrup restrictions that are now all the rage in the US. She comments on a proposed piece of legislation that would create a national cough syrup registry: The only thing this legislation will do is create a nuisance for consumers … More Cough Syrup As a Controlled SubstanceMore Cough Syrup As a Controlled Substance

Don’t Eat Those Cookies!

Lynne Kiesling Virginia Postrel has a post and a follow-up on one lawyer’s almost single-handed crusade to rid the world of the dreaded dragée. You know, those little metallic balls that decorate holiday sweets? My favorite quote from Mark Pollock, the crusading lawyer in question (from the LA Times story in Virginia’s post): They’re making … More Don’t Eat Those Cookies!More Don’t Eat Those Cookies!