Don’t Eat Those Cookies!

Lynne Kiesling

Virginia Postrel has a post and a follow-up on one lawyer’s almost single-handed crusade to rid the world of the dreaded dragée. You know, those little metallic balls that decorate holiday sweets?

My favorite quote from Mark Pollock, the crusading lawyer in question (from the LA Times story in Virginia’s post):

They’re making it out of sugar and intentionally allowing it to be put on—desserts!

The horror, the horror!

One of my favorite childhood holiday memories was when my mother would make what seemed like hundreds of pressed chocolate cookies, donkeys and dogs, using one of those cool hand presses with the screw that turns the dough through the plate. Each donkey and dog got a little silver or gold eye.

While I’m sure I ate more of them than I should have, I doubt that I consumed enough gold and silver leaf to cause my internal organs damage. And given the sugar in the cookie, the sugar in the dragée was certainly marginal.