Wonkette Switches Teams

Michael Giberson

Wonkette blogger-in-chief Ana Marie Cox is turning in the keys to the Wonkette kingdom for a shot at fame and fortune in the fusty world of ink-on-paper publishing. Her novel, Dog Days, was recently published and she has a deal – in the “mid-six-figures” according to one report – to write about the next generation of political activists.

I was reading the review of Dog Days in the WP’s Book World with my first cup of coffee Sunday morning – calmly, quietly, even peaceful and content – until in the final paragraph the reviewer startled me by invoking …, well here, read it yourself:

But in Dog Days‘s favor — and there must be something — Cox has written a stirring polemic for those who think Washington is inherently mindless and greedy and who believe that the dim, envious, self-cherishing mess that is politics should be employed only as society’s last, desperate resort. In this, Dog Days is comparable to Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

That woke me up. Who was the reviewer? Oh, P.J. O’Rourke.

Albeit the prose [in Dog Days] makes Hayek’s seem elegant and pellucid. But Hayek’s first language was German. Cox’s first language is blog.

Score another victory for Friedrich!