Distributed Sensing in Networks: The Example of Traffic

Lynne Kiesling Yesterday I attended a conference at Carnegie-Mellon on valuation of distributed monitoring and sensing technologies. One of the primary benefits of distributed sensing is that it reduces transaction costs and information costs, thus leading to more efficient transactions and to the developement of new products, services, and markets. Sadly, this benefit is really, … More Distributed Sensing in Networks: The Example of TrafficMore Distributed Sensing in Networks: The Example of Traffic

Weirdnesses, or Quirks?

Lynne Kiesling It is a testimony to my long friendship with Mr. Seat that I relent to confess publicly five weird things about myself, as he requested. I prefer to think of them as quirky instead of weird, but your mileage may vary. 1. I knit in bars, movies, and the opera. Our opera seats … More Weirdnesses, or Quirks?More Weirdnesses, or Quirks?

Rochester’s Failed Fast Ferry

Lynne Kiesling From the privatization file … the city of Rochester, NY has closed its high-speed passenger+car catamaran service between Rochester and Toronto. According to an article from Newsday, The city’s new mayor, Robert Duffy, rejected a $11.5 million loan request to bankroll the Lake Ontario ferry service in 2006. Instead, he will ask the … More Rochester’s Failed Fast FerryMore Rochester’s Failed Fast Ferry