Writely: Good and Bad

Lynne Kiesling I like the Writely interface. It would also be very convenient for collaborative editing and version control. I had no problem getting the MT API to work so I could post. But I still end up entering MT proper to do two things: set categories for each post, and insert Technorati tags. If … More Writely: Good and BadMore Writely: Good and Bad

Buses Travel in Packs

Lynne Kiesling I’ve always wondered why there’s often a long stretch between buses, and then three show up at the same time. I just attribute it to the same kind of dynamics that you find in fractals that lead to “focal points”, but a November NBER working paper by Johnson, Reiley and Munoz use that … More Buses Travel in PacksMore Buses Travel in Packs

Testing Writely

Testing, testing … I am testing posting from Writely . Got the idea from Chris Silvey. … More Testing Writely