What the Search Results Say About Google and China

Michael Giberson Google’s relationship with China is much in the news and all over blogs. Applying the “a picture is worth a thousand words” school of rhetoric, Little Green Footballs offers “Two Versions of Google”: tiananmen – Google Image Search. tiananmen – Google Image Search in China Found via Liberty Belles “Nothing Much Happened There” … More What the Search Results Say About Google and ChinaMore What the Search Results Say About Google and China

Sky Windmills?

Lynne Kiesling Three different airborne wind power technologies are in development, and are discussed in this article. Sky Windpower’s uses motors to get the turbines into position, then once in position the motors turn to generators. That’s pretty cool. And they would have far better uptime than most windmills–since the jetstream never quits, they should … More Sky Windmills?More Sky Windmills?

Big Feet Pjs

Lynne Kiesling It’s not exactly “markets for everything,” but it’s a close cousin … cozy pajamas that allow you to run around the house with gay and reckless abandon and still be cozy are a fond childhood memory of most people. In fact, in a former job I had a boss who, when we were … More Big Feet PjsMore Big Feet Pjs