Smoking the Tall Panic Grass

Michael Giberson Switch grass, sometimes called “tall panic grass,” is not often the subject of fervent policy debate. But the weed was thrust into the limelight this week when it gained Presidential mention in the State of the Union address along with wood chips and stalks, as pillars of hope for our energy future. Maybe … More Smoking the Tall Panic Grass

Technorati Advice, Please!

Lynne Kiesling I am soliciting advice from you exceedingly knowledgeable folks out there about Technorati tags and links. I am messing around with tags on posts, but my posts never show up on Technorati searches. The only one that did recently was the Low Sugar one that I copied from Becks & Posh, but I … More Technorati Advice, Please!More Technorati Advice, Please!

Coal Holes in London

Lynne Kiesling Londonist has a fascinating little post on coal-hole covers in London. Ornate cast-iron plates to cover holes in the pavement for delivering coal into basements; now obsolete, but still there and subtly ornamental. I love pieces of urban history like this. Another example of such a thing is the fire insurance plaque, from … More Coal Holes in LondonMore Coal Holes in London