Yes, Very Expensive

Lynne Kiesling The outright demagoguery from DC is disgusting but not surprising. More FTC studies of “price gouging”, more threats of “windfall profits” taxes, more ranting and puffery. Ladies and gentlemen (and I use that moniker to be polite, not truthful) of Congress, look within yourselves if you want a true explanation for the increase … More Yes, Very ExpensiveMore Yes, Very Expensive

Gas Prices: An Expensive “I Told You So”

Lynne Kiesling Energy Economics 101 Spring 2006 Professor Kiesling Homework Assignment to Congress Suppose producers in an economy produce a good, G. Suppose further that the consumption of G creates a negative effect, E, that is borne by more people than just the person consuming G. Now suppose that to reduce E, the government passes … More Gas Prices: An Expensive “I Told You So”More Gas Prices: An Expensive “I Told You So”

Do Problem Solvers Lack Vision?

Lynne Kiesling Rich Karlgaard has an interesting column in Forbes riffing off of Virginia Postrel’s book The Future and Its Enemies. He recasts her dynamists and stasists as “opportunity seekers” and “problem-solvers”, and then goes looking for examples of these iconic types among politicians. Postrel’s dynamists, or, as I call them, “opportunity seekers,” love charging … More Do Problem Solvers Lack Vision?More Do Problem Solvers Lack Vision?