“This Outlet Talks to People”

Michael Giberson Two weeks ago, Lynne mentioned an ad by IBM that had appeared in the Wall Street Journal. They reprinted the ad on the back page of the first section in today’s edition (Tuesday, May 30). Still can’t find the ad online, but here is a picture: The text says: * this outlet talks … More “This Outlet Talks to People”More “This Outlet Talks to People”

Fair Trade in Green Power?

Michael Giberson Newsday reports that some consumers “feel ‘ripped off’ by LIPA’s alt-energy plan.? Ratepayers who sign up for Green Choice permit LIPA to add an average premium of 1 to 2 cents a kilowatt hour, or $4 to $15 a month, to their bills. LIPA sends that to one of two green-power marketing companies … More Fair Trade in Green Power?More Fair Trade in Green Power?

Regulatory Hurdles to Electricity Mergers Persist

Lynne Kiesling I saw an interesting article over the weekend about M&A activity in electricity. Currently there are two large electricity mergers that are receiving both federal and state regulatory review (Exelon/PSEG and Constellation/FPL), and the reviews are causing a lot of contentious political machinations because they are occurring at the same time as fuel … More Regulatory Hurdles to Electricity Mergers PersistMore Regulatory Hurdles to Electricity Mergers Persist

Restaurant-customized Coca-Cola Drinks

Lynne Kiesling When you sell products globally with the volume that Coca-Cola does, how much additional profit do they really think they can earn from restaurant-customized beverages? Coca-Cola has partnered with the Culinary Institute of America, the nation’s preeminent culinary school, to develop specialty drinks for restaurants using Coke products and other sweet and savory … More Restaurant-customized Coca-Cola DrinksMore Restaurant-customized Coca-Cola Drinks

England: Winemaking Powerhouse of the Future?

Lynne Kiesling Regardless of whether climate change is anthropogenic or not, when it happens adaptation occurs. Is one beneficial future adaptation likely to be winemaking in England? Yes, according to a Telegraph article cited by Jonathan Pearce in this Samizdata post. Stranger things have happened … And happy belated birthday to Jonathan. … More England: Winemaking Powerhouse of the Future?