Not Havin’ A Good Sports Day … (warning: Wimbledon Spoiler)

Lynne Kiesling

So England lost to Portugal on PKs. I thought the red card on Rooney was a bit uncalled for, but I also thought his behavior was a bit uncalled for (the pushing Ronaldo after the whistle, notwithstanding how totally annoying Ronaldo is, but isn’t it funny that they’re ManU teammates?).

Plus Andy Roddick lost at Wimbledon (apologies to anyone watching the time delay on ESPN2). Deep sigh …

Only consolation: Owen Hargreaves was man of the match, and he totally deserved it. He scampered back and forth on offense and defense, created outside offense drives, and scored England’s only PK. So I don’t want to hear any more lip about how he’s not worthy to play for England.

Grrrr ….

UPDATE: The writers at Associated Press (via Fox Soccer) agree with me that Hargreaves has proven his mettle.