Secondary Markets for Tickets

Michael Giberson I was going to post about the Washington Post‘s Sports section article on secondary markets for sporting event tickets, but the fine folks at The Sports Economist have beat me to it. In addition to the price discrimination angle that the Sports Economist notes, increased liquidity in the secondary market reduces risks to … More Secondary Markets for TicketsMore Secondary Markets for Tickets

Tour De France Wrapup

Lynne Kiesling I controlled myself this year and decided to summarize all of my Tour thoughts in one post, as opposed to last year. It’s been difficult, because I’ve enjoyed this year’s Tour more than any other in recent memory. That’s partly due to the Floyd Landis yellow win and Robbie McEwen green win, but … More Tour De France WrapupMore Tour De France Wrapup

The Decentralization of News

Lynne Kiesling Forbes has an interesting article today on the increasing use of viewer video in news stories. The concept is a potentially revolutionary one for TV newsrooms and their Web sites, which rely on their own camera crews and news services such as Reuters and the Associated Press for the vast majority of their … More The Decentralization of NewsMore The Decentralization of News