Laptops on UK Planes?

Lynne Kiesling What if you show up to the airport today with your laptop? I would not check a bag with my laptop in it for either love or money. I would turn around and cancel my trip. Would they let me put that in my plastic bag with my wallet and passport? UPDATE: I … More Laptops on UK Planes?More Laptops on UK Planes?

A Roundup of Interesting Economics Links

Lynne Kiesling I have to embed myself in Deep Thought today on a paper for a conference in September, so will have to content myself with offering you these links for your consideration: Patri Friedman’s Catallarchy post “Pigouvian taxes are not efficient if the money gets wasted”. This is a hugely important point, and is … More A Roundup of Interesting Economics LinksMore A Roundup of Interesting Economics Links

UK Terror Plot

Lynne Kiesling Thank goodness this plot has been averted. Given the immediate restrictions on hand baggage etc., I am very glad that I am not flying anywhere in the next month. … More UK Terror Plot