Wine Review: Alexander Valley New Gewurz 2005

Lynne Kiesling

Hmmm, haven’t done a wine review in a while; doesn’t mean we haven’t been tasting! Last night we had the New Gewurz 2005 from Alexander Valley Vineyards, a really great Sonoma County winery outside of Healdsburg. When we last were in Sonoma we visited there and had a lovely time.

The New Gewurz has a peach-and-pear nose with crisp acidity, so you know from the get-go that this will go well with food, particularly Thai or sushi. The foretaste has more of that peach and a balancing dose of honeysuckle, with a nice gentle malic acid fizz on the tongue. The mid-taste is round and fills the mouth with the fruit and acidity. The aftertaste is gently spicy, rather like a ginger beer. All in all, a very worthy wine for $8.

Alexander Valley Vineyards makes several wonderful wines in various styles and at various price points; their signature Cabernet is extremely good value for money. We are always on the lookout for their wines, and for opportunities to visit them.