Labor Day Gas Prices Are Falling, Not Rising

Lynne Kiesling Usually in the week before Labor Day we see gas prices rise relative to their mid-summer levels. Not this year: gas prices are declining, to the lowest nominal levels since November 2005 (WaPo, registration required). Unlike normal summers when the seasonal change in demand elasticity provides the dominant effect on prices, this year … More Labor Day Gas Prices Are Falling, Not RisingMore Labor Day Gas Prices Are Falling, Not Rising

Road Congestion Pricing in Stockholm

Lynne Kiesling Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article on Stockholm’s road congestion pricing pilot experiment (subscription required). Stockholm is a city of islands, so the road network is subtantially a set of bridges. Not surprisingly, congestion often ensues. From January through July, Stockholm tested one of the world’s most sophisticated traffic-management systems as part … More Road Congestion Pricing in StockholmMore Road Congestion Pricing in Stockholm