Power Company Executives on Carbon Emission Policy

Lynne Kiesling Check out this interesting Wired article with some electric company executives on carbon policy. It indicates that there is not uniform agreement among utility CEOs regarding appropriate carbon policy, its timeline, its breadth, and its costs and benefits. There is an oblique reference to AEP’s participation in the Chicago Climate Exchange, but no … More Power Company Executives on Carbon Emission PolicyMore Power Company Executives on Carbon Emission Policy

Some Interesting Oil Market Articles

Lynne Kiesling On Friday Saudi Arabia signaled its desire to control world oil prices through OPEC’s decision to reduce production by 1.2 million barrels per day. Lots of observers have noticed that 5 years ago OPEC’s unstated trigger/target price was $30/barrel, but now it seems that they are targeting a price of $60-70/barrel. Clearly, political … More Some Interesting Oil Market ArticlesMore Some Interesting Oil Market Articles