Are Texans Better Off Because of Power Industry Restructuring?

Michael Giberson

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports:

Deregulation has resulted in higher electric rates for North Texans, according to a new report.

Conducted on behalf of Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington and about 100 other municipalities, the study concludes that rates offered to customers in deregulated areas of North Texas are higher, on average, than rates in areas that remain under regulation.

Of course the report has its critics, cited in the article, who “question some of its assumptions and note that some price disparities [noted in the report] existed before deregulation.” If I were to criticize this study conducted by Texas municipalities, I’d check its methods against the standards that John Kwoka identified in his report on such studies for the American Public Power Association (links in yesterday’s post).

Also from the Lone Star state, a former state legislator — co-author of the state’s restructuring law — wrote a piece for the Dallas Morning News in which he acknowledges some responsibility for recent increases in Texas power rates, but also tells consumers that they share in the blame.

Worth a read if y’all are interested in power industry restructuring or Texans or both.