Induction and Flexible Electronics for Wireless Power

Lynne Kiesling

Check out this Technology review article about using flexible electronics to enable wireless powering of devices through induction. Nikola Tesla, spin over in your grave and call your office!

The power sheet, says Takao Someya, professor of engineering at the University of Tokyo, relies on the well-known physical principle of electromagnetic induction, used to charge electric toothbrushes and some RFID tags. However, he says, his system is designed in a way that overcomes the limitations of common induction schemes. Traditional induction systems can only spread small amounts of power over a relatively large area, and fairly large amounts of power can only be supplied to precise locations (such as a toothbrush mount). Someya’s power sheets, in contrast, can be large, and they can still supply a large amount of power to gadgets placed near them.

How cool is that? Technology in its infancy and all that, but think about the potential (pun intended) of being able to move your flat screen TV from one wall to another without dealing with wires.

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