What I Did over Christmas Vacation

Lynne Kiesling Woman does not live by economics alone (although sometimes I come pretty close!). I made this sweater: This is the popular Rogue hoodie, which lots of folks have been knitting over the past two years. I started this in October, and finished it on New Year’s Day. Yes, it was a lot of … More What I Did over Christmas VacationMore What I Did over Christmas Vacation

Austan Goolsbee on Energy Independence

Lynne Kiesling Because of the web site trauma here and the AEA meetings I am late to the party, but Austan Goolsbee’s NYT Economic Scene column from Thursday is a worthy read. He makes a point that I’ve made here several times: over the past 50 years we have increasingly gotten more bang for the … More Austan Goolsbee on Energy IndependenceMore Austan Goolsbee on Energy Independence

Tri-Shark 2007

Lynne Kiesling I signed up for my first planned trathlon of 2007 today: Tri Shark Sprint Triathlon, 2 June 2007. Off-season training is going well, although I’ve been a bit lacking in motivation during the past two weeks. One of the Christmas presents in the KP house was a “killer headwind” attachment to our bike … More Tri-Shark 2007More Tri-Shark 2007

Housecleaning Complete, For Now

Lynne Kiesling OK, two hours I didn’t have, spent re-posting three weeks of lost posts … at least it was over the holidays, so we were on light volume! Many comments were lost, for which I apologize. Two things made it possible for me to recover from my idiocy (I thought I had backed up … More Housecleaning Complete, For NowMore Housecleaning Complete, For Now