Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos’ Food Book

Lynne Kiesling Speaking of music, the leader of my current favorite band, Franz Ferdinand, has written a book called Sound Bites, which is largely a compilation of his food columns for the Guardian. Alex was a chef before he was a rock star, and he writes with a lot of humor about his culinary experiences … More Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos’ Food BookMore Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos’ Food Book

Music Patrons or Pirates

Lynne Kiesling Grant McCracken has a good post on the music industry’s recent behavior toward its customers. Lately there has been some softening toward digital music and fair use. But, as Grant asks, how to capture value? Here’s a thought. What if the music industry came up with a new pricing scheme? What if the … More Music Patrons or PiratesMore Music Patrons or Pirates

Washington Post Summary of Energy Points in Sotu

Lynne Kiesling The Washington Post gives a ummary of the energy policy points in the State of the Union address. The consensus: no big change. John Whitehead concurs at Environmental Economics. … More Washington Post Summary of Energy Points in Sotu

Npr on Smart Meters

Lynne Kiesling Check out this NPR story about the installation of smart digital electric meters in the Southern California Edison service territory. Millions of Californian consumers could soon know the real costs of their electricity with the debut of the Smart Meter. Environmentalists and economists believe this will make them more careful about how and … More Npr on Smart MetersMore Npr on Smart Meters