Commitment, Commitment

Lynne Kiesling Now I’ve gone and done it; I’ve registered for the Olympic distance Pleasant Prairie Triathlon on 19 August. In triathlon lingo, this race will be my A race for the summer. Anxiety over this will surely get my butt on the bike rollers this winter, even when I’d like to stay in bed … More Commitment, CommitmentMore Commitment, Commitment

Randall Parker and David Victor on Ethanol Policy

Lynne Kiesling Randall Parker at FuturePundit has a post noting Stanford economist David Victor’s analyses of ethanol, as found in this Technology Review interview with him. I generally agree with David’s remarks (we met several years ago in Mexico, and he has lots of expertise in energy and environment, particularly in developing countries), and with … More Randall Parker and David Victor on Ethanol PolicyMore Randall Parker and David Victor on Ethanol Policy

Frivolous Fun on Friday

Lynne Kiesling This novelty is tailor-made for a Fry-and-Laurie loving, Wodehouse reading, pathetic Anglophile like myself: the Voco clock, an alarm clock programmed with 50 different messages from Stephen Fry as the consummate valet (Mr. Jeeves). Imagine waking up to the voice of Stephen Fry saying I’m so sorry to disturb you sir, but it … More Frivolous Fun on FridayMore Frivolous Fun on Friday