A Potpourri of Interesting Things to Read

Lynne Kiesling I am playing a little hooky this weekend and going skiing through Monday. In the interim, here are some thought-provoking reads: This Technology Review article on technological change in small-scale coal gasification that could be done on-site, in the home. Michael Dell is back in the news today, after taking back the CEO … More A Potpourri of Interesting Things to ReadMore A Potpourri of Interesting Things to Read

Bundling’s Benefits

Lynne Kiesling Here’s an example of how bundling can create value: Google Pack for Windows. It’s a bundled download of a bunch of Google software (Earth, Picasa, Toolbar, Desktop), but more interestingly, the bundle includes non-Google software: Acrobat Reader, AdAware, Firefox, and Norton Antivirus. All of these are available for download separately, but Google has … More Bundling’s BenefitsMore Bundling’s Benefits