Personal Carbon Offsetting

Lynne Kiesling Yesterday’s New York Times had an article about voluntary purchases of carbon offsets and their efficacy. Importantly, this article points out that private options exist for those who want to negate the carbon effects of their behavior. The couple highlighted in the story used Climate Care. Other organizations that provide carbon offset purchase … More Personal Carbon OffsettingMore Personal Carbon Offsetting

Are Volatile Natural Gas Prices Unreasonable?

Michael Giberson In letters to the chairmen of FERC and the CFTC, Senator Jeff Bingaman asks what actions the agencies have taken in response to recent episodes of natural gas price volatility. Particularly of concern to the Senator were allegations of manipulation of the NYMEX gas futures contract price at the end of August 2006. … More Are Volatile Natural Gas Prices Unreasonable?More Are Volatile Natural Gas Prices Unreasonable?