“Markets for Reactive Power and Reliability”

Michael Giberson Two years ago, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a staff report diagnosing problems with the way reactive power is procured, paid for, and used in the U.S. electric power industry. The report was widely recognized as authoritative and thoughful, and as laying well the foundation for further progress on the topic. As … More “Markets for Reactive Power and Reliability”More “Markets for Reactive Power and Reliability”

Ethanol for Grown-ups

Michael Giberson For a long time in the United States, ethanol has been a fringe act, a political plaything, a way for Congress to subsidize the income of well-connected agribusinesses without thinking too hard. Now, ethanol has become a member of a small cluster of “ideas” that are supposed to help us get on down … More Ethanol for Grown-upsMore Ethanol for Grown-ups