Musician Soccer Fans

Lynne Kiesling While we’re on the subject, I was fishing around about soccer and found the EPL Talk blog, where there’s a neat post about musicians who are mad about soccer. A disproportionate share of those listed are Manchester City fans (as am I), including: Johnny Marr (Manchester City). The former guitarist of The Smiths … More Musician Soccer FansMore Musician Soccer Fans

Soccernomics: Mls’s Growth Strategy

Lynne Kiesling I don’t share Mike’s interest in basketball, so the NCAA tournament frenzy doesn’t do a whole lot for me. However, he and I both love soccer, and I’ve commented on the upcoming Beckham infestation of SoCal here and here. Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article that discusses the MLS growth strategy to … More Soccernomics: Mls’s Growth StrategyMore Soccernomics: Mls’s Growth Strategy