Go Read Wsj’s Energy Roundup Blog

Lynne Kiesling

I’ve been so head-down-focus-focus-focus for the past couple of weeks that I have neglected to link approvingly to the Wall Street Journal’s Energy Roundup blog, which is consistently chock full of good stuff.

Take, for example, Mark Gongloff’s post about global-warming-adaptive investment strategies, arising from Charles Easterbrook’s April Atlantic Monthly article on the topic (subscription required). Mark provides a nice synopsis.

And I think Easterbrook is right that GE is the long-term investment play to make; yes, they are in everything from clean coal to water treatment. And they work like mad to come up with and commercialize new, creative ideas.

So do go pay the Energy Roundup a visit; it’s well worth your time.

One thought on “Go Read Wsj’s Energy Roundup Blog

  1. I second Lynne’s endorsement of the WSJ’s Energy Roundup blog. It is a constant stream of good stuff.

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