Knowledge Problem Remark Becomes Corporate Blurb

Michael Giberson

In a post a year ago, I had this to say about Inkling Markets:

The crowd has wisdom (maybe). You want it (certainly). Inkling wants to give you a shot at capturing it.

With a recent redesign of their homepage, Inkling has added a few user quotes, including the above words of wisdom (maybe) by yours truly.

In the same post I said:

I’ve been playing in their markets for a few weeks, and I have a few quibbles with how they do things, but in taking this step they are trying to make it to their own “next level.” It might be fun, it will be messy, and Inkling stands to learn a ton about how to make their system better. What better way for them to discover how to do it?

My impression, after a year or so of off and on playing in Inklings ‘play money’ prediction markets, is that Inkling has in fact learned a ton about how to make their system better.

And while I’m drawing attention to myself here in an immodest fashion, I’ll mention that what it says about me in the blurb caption remains true: I’m the “#1 Trader All Time” (at least as of the time of this posting). Sometime in the next week or two I’ll reveal some of the secrets of my success. Just promise you won’t tell the #2 trader on the list, who seems to be catching up to me rapidly.

2 thoughts on “Knowledge Problem Remark Becomes Corporate Blurb

  1. Did you pick up all that knowledge that makes you the “#1 Trader All Time” from watching Don Jankowski day-trade in his office?

    Hope you’re doing well, Lynne!

  2. Hi Jeff!

    Nice to hear from you; the Inkling Master is my co-blogger Mike, not me. To be frank, I don’t yet fully understand prediction markets. Haven’t spent the time thinking about them that I should.

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