Senators As Stock Pickers

Michael Giberson Now normally I wouldn’t be the kind of guy that looks to politicians for economic advice (e.g. posting on price gouging), but on his blog Alan Jewell points out an article from the December 2004 Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis showing that as a group senators have done abnormally well at picking … More Senators As Stock PickersMore Senators As Stock Pickers

Price Gouging: Politicians Vs. Economists

Michael Giberson Price gouging has been all over the news lately. In Kentucky the state Attorney General has sued Marathon Oil for allegedly gouging customers in the months after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. (Marathon is counter-suing the state, claiming the state‚Äôs law is unconstitutional on a number of grounds.) In Missouri the state has recently … More Price Gouging: Politicians Vs. Economists