Off To Isnie Conference

Lynne Kiesling I am off today to the 2007 ISNIE meetings in Reykjavik, Iceland. The program looks great, and I am looking forward to presenting my paper on retail choice and end-use technology in electric power. I am also looking forward to seeing good friends, visiting Iceland, and maybe buying some Icelandic Lopi wool … … More Off To Isnie ConferenceMore Off To Isnie Conference

Electricity Retail Choice: Pay-As-You-Go Service

Lynne Kiesling Today’s Wall Street Journal has an excellent article from Rebecca Smith on pay-as-you-go electric service (subscription required). Mr. Price, a retired computer programmer, drops by the office of his local utility, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, every six to eight weeks and pays enough to cover a month or two of service. The … More Electricity Retail Choice: Pay-As-You-Go ServiceMore Electricity Retail Choice: Pay-As-You-Go Service