The KP Icelandic Saga

Lynne Kiesling I enjoyed our visit, although I don’t think I could have afforded to stay much longer! Even a Swedish gentleman sitting with us at the conference gala dinner said that Swedes think Iceland is expensive, and that’s saying something! This is my favorite picture of downtown Reykjavik (taken from the top of the … More The KP Icelandic SagaMore The KP Icelandic Saga

Internet Radio Day of Silence

Lynne Kiesling Want to listen to your favorite Internet radio today, like Soma FM or WOXY? You can’t; they are silent. This is what we can expect permanently if the proposed Internet royalty rates, which discriminate against non-broadcast, online-only stations, take effect in mid-July. Soma FM and WOXY are participating in Save Internet Radio’s Day … More Internet Radio Day of SilenceMore Internet Radio Day of Silence