Another Black Eye for Corn-Based Ethanol

Michael Giberson A surge in the demand for ethanol — touted as a greener alternative to gasoline — could have a serious environmental downside for the Chesapeake Bay, because more farmers growing corn could mean more pollution washing off farm fields, a new study warned yesterday. A Washington Post story on the study paints a … More Another Black Eye for Corn-Based EthanolMore Another Black Eye for Corn-Based Ethanol

Gasoline Rationing?

Michael Giberson Raymond J. Learsy, writing in the Huffington Post, is incredulous that “over a span of two weeks during the Aspen Ideas Festival and the Aspen Energy Conference” no one had the sense to bring up the one idea offering a solution to problems like our national security being at risk, our environment being … More Gasoline Rationing?More Gasoline Rationing?