More Energy News and Policy

Michael Giberson

There are more energy news items out there than I can keep up with. We may get around to some of these items in a day or two, but for the rest you’ll have to come up with your own pithy comments:

NewsWatch: Energy posts on current gasoline market trends, citing the Energy Information Administration’s recent “This Week in Petroleum.” In short: gasoline prices down, gasoline inventories down, crude oil prices higher, crude inventories higher.

At Arizona Economics, Scott Gustafson tackles the “hot gasoline” consumer rip-off.

The WSJ’s Energy Roundup continues to do a bang-up job (yes, the mainstream media can learn new tricks!), providing a constant stream of links to news and notes. Among them, note of …

Another New York Times story on electric power regulation by David Cay Johnston, “A New Push to Regulate Power Costs.”

The September 2007 edition of the Review of Network Economics is out, and includes an article surveying international practices with respect to electric power market monitoring and market power mitigation.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association has released its second “report card” on Regional Transmission Organizations (regional electric power transmission systems with integrated wholesale power markets).

The Washington Post today carried a story on the prospects for another big energy bill. The U.S. House and Senate have both passed energy bills, but with substantially different content.